Every time a child steps into one of our play spaces, they step into a world of their imaginations. This world is full of all sorts of risks. Ice kings and trolls, giants and jaguars, sorcerers and snakes.

Research shows that children who engage in risky play activities such as hanging from monkey bars and climbing tangle frames are more independent, have a better sense of their own limits, and a greater sense of wellbeing.

Whilst safety is vital in our children’s play spaces, there is perhaps nothing more limiting than a child who is unable to measure up risk and benefit. A child who puts themselves in danger because they have not learned the realities of risk.

That is why we follow advice from the HSE and the Play Safety Forum who both advocate for a balanced approach to play and risk. We also ensure that all our play equipment meets industry standards EN1176 and EN1177. In taking these measures we can ensure that our play spaces are as safe as necessary, that any real risks are prevented and that children can experience the benefits of risky play whilst in a safe environment.

What surfacing requirements do I need to consider?

As well as providing play equipment and frames, we also provide a wood chip or rubber surfacing service for equipment with a fall height of more than 1m. We will explain surfacing requirements to you when discussing your project and the costs will be included in your detailed quote.

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