Bournville Primary School

The project at Bournville Primary School has got to have been one of our most enjoyable and rewarding projects to date. The concept that came about through discussion with the school and that was partially guided by the existing steel structure seemed to work really well.

Although due to covid restrictions, appalling weather and a few unexpected obstacles the project took a bit longer than expected the finished play area is pretty amazing and will provide some amazing opportunities and memories for the children.

Our whole team has really enjoyed working on this project and we’re so grateful to all the staff, parents and pupils for making our time in Weston Super Mare so much fun.

Pirate ship, natural play, playground, climbing frame, school, park, garden, play equipmentr, supplies
natural play, playground, school grounds, design, supplies, equipment, climbing frame

natural play, playground, school, park, garden, equipment, supplies,
climbing frame, tangle frame, natural play, design, equipment, supplies, school, park
climbing, frame, natural, play, equipment, supplioes, shop, school, park, council, design

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Pirate Ship 2

Pirate ship 2 is coming on well. We’ve been battling some terrible weather but finally saw the sun again this week and things are moving on well.

The is the larger of the two pirate ships but is more simple in design, using the existing steel structure to recreate the spiral boardwalk and platform. The sun shades are working really well to create sails for the ship, especially looking from the front.

natural play, play ground, equipment, climbing frame, wooden, shop, school, park, natural
pirate ship 2, playground, outdoors, equipment, play area, natural play, school, park, supplies
pirate ship 2, pirate, playground, school, climbing frame, equipment
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Hop Up Posts

A neat little set of hop up posts installed earlier this year. We sell these ready for installation as part of our adventure trail equipment.

Made from peeled, sanded and oiled chestnut with stainless steel fixings these are really durable and look nice and natural.

hop up posts, natural play, playground, park, adventure trail, play, trim trail
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Fairfield School

We were working on our second project at Fairfield school in Northampton before lockdown and had to leave site for six weeks, we finally managed to get back and finish in early June.

Fairfield school, natural play, special, playground, supplies, shop
Natural play, playground, park, garden, climbing frame, supplies, shop
Natural play, playground, garden, supplies, shop
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Rain, Rain, Rain!

The weather has been against us a bit this last week but we’ve managed to make a start on the second pirate ship, if the rain carries on much longer both may float away!

A few photos of the first ship and a front view of the posts for the second twenty four meter long super ship.

Pirate ship, playground, rain, natural play, climbingframe, school, park

Pirate ship, natural play, fantasy, playground, park, school
Climbing frame, park, school, play area, supplies, shop, rain, natural play
Timber, play, climbing frame, school, playground, park, garden, forest school, shop, supplies
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Pirate Ships

A few photos below of the first of two pirate ships we are working on. Following the lockdown we have been working through a backlog of lovely projects, in early September we finally arrived at Bournville Primary School in Weston-Super-Mare.

This is a really fun project that includes two huge pirate ships connected by a tangle frame with nets, bridges, ladders and lookout platform.

Natural play, playground, climbing frame, copper beech, play
Natural play, climbing frame, pirate ships, playground, park, timber play
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Natural Playgrounds versus Structured Playgrounds

Natural playgrounds win every time!

If you don’t have a natural area adjacent to your backyard or aren’t comfortable sending your child off to play there unsupervised, the next best thing is a ‘natural’ playground. This growing trend in play structures uses natural materials and shapes to create a landscape that allows for creative use on the part of the child. Elements in a natural playground may include boulders, log tunnels, stumps, tree houses mud kitchens or sand areas. They are meant to challenge children and ignite their imaginations.

The unstructured natural play that was once inherent in childhood is becoming scarce as children spend more and more time in front of screens (according to Common Sense Media, kids between 0 and 8 years old spend 2 1/3 hours on media, and 8 to 12-year-olds spend 6 hours a day on screen time!) and in organized activities. With so much structure and programming in their lives today, children benefit from being allowed free range play, without prescribed direction, to explore and engage all of their senses. A miniature metal car in a conventional playground only serves one purpose and engages children for a shorter time frame. In a play environment composed of natural materials, a log can become a balance beam, a horse, a car, or a surfboard (to name a few).

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Play Features

During the lockdown period we have been busy in the yard preparing equipment for various jobs and also working on some great play features for natural play areas.

We supply play logs and play trees for natural play areas throughout the UK, usually supplied from oak, ash or chestnut they range in size from large to huge!

The play trees will usually have at least three branched sections and tend to be between four to seven meters in length, the photos below show a range of these features, some ready to be tidied up and sanded, others ready for delivery.

We ensure all our play trees and play logs come from well managed local forests, the majority of our large oak features are from wind blown trees.

Play tree, log, playground, play area, park, supplies, equipment, timber, natural, climbing
Play area, play log, play tree, Natural Play Tree
Log feature, natural play, outdoor play, garden, playground, oak, tree, park, supply, shop
play trees , play feature, log, park, playground, play area

Play tree, log, oak, playground, climbing, school, park, supplies, shop
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Fairfield School Playground

We are making preparations to return to finish the Fairfield school playground that we left in limbo for the last few months.

I’ve attached a few photos below to show progress so far.

Fairfield school playground, natural play, play area, school, park
natural play, outdoor teaching, play area, forest school, playground, equipment, supplier
Natural play, playground, outdoor, space, equipment, supplies, supplier, shop
play log, tunnel, playground, play area, school, park, natural play, forest school
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Pirate Ship

The Pirate Ship project begins!

During lockdown we have been able to carry on preparing for projects that we have in the pipeline. One of which is a really exciting Pirate Ship playground project at Bournville Primary School in Weston-super-mare.

The play space will incorporate two pirate ships connected by a log tangle climbing frame complete with nets, rope walks, bridges and fireman’s poles! This adventure play ground will be great fun to build and awesome for the children (and adults) to climb on.

To make the whole play area a bit more magical we are having a local artist paint a huge ‘Puff The Magic Dragon’ mural on one side of one of the ships! This is the side which we have built ready for painting, photos are below.

Each panel is made from our own supply of ash and oak that we are having milled into 30mm planks especially for this project. Most of our pirate ship panels will be build on-site.

I can’t wait to see the transformation once the pirate ship is in place, the kids are going to love this space!

If you’ve got a wish list like this then please get in touch #welovebespoke

Natural play, pirate ship, nature, climbing, play area, playground, supplies
Pirate ship, natural play, playground, play area, school, park, timber, supplies, supplier
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Bhaktivedanta Play Area

A few more photos of the play area at Bhaktivedanta Manor Temple in Watford.

One of our larger projects this playground covers approximately 450 square meters and incorporates nine log tunnels and eight play logs to create a forty meter long ‘Agha snake’! Complete with slides, scramble nets, bridges, rope walks and fireman’s poles.

The play area also incorporates a seesaw, wheel chair accessible roundabout and birds nest swing built to the form of a crane bird, the whole area has wet-pour rubber safer surfacing.

Bhaktivedanta Manor play area, natural play, playground, climbing frame, slide, swing, seesaw.
Agha snake, playground, Krishna, temple, natural play
Temple playground, play area, natural play, climbing frame, play feature.
Climbing frame, natural play, playground, monkey bars
Climbing frame, play frame, play feature, natural play, playground.
Bird nest swing, swing, natural play, playground, London.

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Coronavirus Update

We have been closely following the updates of the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) situation and the extraordinary times upon us. As the situation continues to impact upon us, the safety and wellbeing of our team and communities is our highest priority.

As a small rural business Copper Beech Play is currently educating all of our team members on the importance of hand washing and social distancing, both in and out of the workplace. We are fortunate to have the space and facilities to ensure that we can continue creating natural play and adventure playground equipment in a manner that is safe for our staff.

As a business, we will of course continue to adapt to make project planning from home simple for our customers during this unprecedented situation. We will continue to share project plans and drawings electronically, and will follow all customer onsite specific health and safety procedures.

If you’re planning an outdoor adventure or natural play project, we are still open for business. Please do reach out and get in touch.

For now, take care of yourselves and each other.

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Bhaktivedanta Manor Drone Photo

The play project at Bhaktivedanta Manor is well under way. I have just been sent this drone photo by one of the team laying the rubber surfacing around the snake designed playground. It’s great to see the curve of the snake and true scale of this huge play area.

An absolute dream project to work on!

Bhaktivedanta Manor Temple, playground, play area, natural play, climbing frame, drone photo
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Tree Bench

A small feature tree bench hand crafted and installed last year in a clients orchard.

Made from a large slice from one of our oak tunnel logs the bench worked really well in a favourite spot for sitting and relaxing when not playing in the new play area. All this is missing now is a hot cup of tea!

If you are interested in a bench or play piece for your garden then please do get in touch or visit our online shop. All benches and play equipment are hand made to your individual play needs.

Oak tree bench, play, log, tree, feature, playground, natural play.
School, park, play tree, play log, Tree bench, natural play
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Fairfields School, Northampton

At Copper Beech Play we have been busy designing, crafting and installing a large adventure playground at Fairfields School in Northampton. With multiple zones including a mud kitchen, natural play area, slide and beautifully craved wild animals it’s been an absolute joy bringing life to this natural play area.

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Private Garden

A few more photos of the natural play area in a private garden in Stratford on Avon.

The tree house was great fun to make with a huge hollow log for the base, the connecting bridge and rope bridge that lead to the tree platform create a link to the slide and zip wire.

To keep a really natural feel we edged the whole area with chestnut logs and laid wood chip for the safety surface, the play area looks great among the trees and shrubs.

Natural play, private garden, tree house, platform, log, tree, slide, swing, playground
Natural play, log, tree, playground, garden, park, swing, stepping logs, balance beam, slide
Tree platform, play house, bridge, slide, natural, play, playground, park, equipment, supplies
Tree platform, bridge, play area, playground, log steps, natural play, copper beech,
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Stratford Playground

Several images of a playground we built in Stratford on Avon. Complete with hollow tree trunk with internal staircase, tree house and bridge, a separate tree platform and slide, zip wire, swing and stepping logs. This certainly ticks all the boxes for a truly awesome play area.

tree house, natural play, park, playground, garden, log, stump,

The surface is laid with 300mm of wood chip with a large sandpit to one side, all of which is retained by some chunky chestnut logs cut to join neatly and make a smooth edge.

Stratford play area Natural play, playground, timber, play, log, tree, tree trunk, stepping, balance, balancing, equipment, supplies
Natural play, hollow tree, tree trunk, tunnel, playground, park, garden, tree, log, play, supplies
Tree house, play house, playground, park, garden, slides, natural play, early years
Natural play, playhouse, park, school, play area, play, tree, log, trunk, tunnel, den

The main feature of the playground is the tree house made on top of a huge hollow oak log. The tiny spiral staircase was certainly a bit tricky to make but well worth it.

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Play Trees

As well as the play trees shown in the previous blog we have been building a stock of peeled and sanded logs and play trees. These look great and provide a smooth tactile climbing feature that is quick and simple to install. These will generally be made from oak or chestnut so will be very durable and last many years.

We have a stock of play trees available ranging in size from approximately 3m to 6m in length.

To find out more about play tree stock availability and delivery times please contact us.

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Natural Play Trees

We have recently installed this large play area using five of our natural play trees and several large oak logs.

The trees create a great play feature and are really quick to install, this took just two days onsite.

We have been working hard to build up a good stock of play trees and log features. If you have specific requirements please get in touch and we will be pleased to send photos of current stock.

natural play, tree, log, feature, playground
natural play, trees, logs, features, playgrounds, parks
natural play, trees, logs, features, equipment, playgrounds, parks
natural play trees, playground, Norfolk, play logs, equipment, supplies, adventure

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Log Kitchen

We have been asked to make several of these mud kitchens for nursery schools and play groups. Made from large oak logs they will be very long lasting and provide a really natural looking feature.

The smaller kitchens will have a sink and ‘hob’ while the larger ones will also have an open oven.

Log kitchen, natural play, play ground, nursery, school, park, equipment, supplies
mud kitchen, natural play, playground, school, play, equipment, supplies, park
mud kitchen, nursery, playground, school, forest school, equipment, supplies
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Play Logs

Lots of orders coming in, and going out, for play logs and feature trees at the moment.

play log, fallen log, play tree, play feature, playground, natural play
Play log, log feature, play tree, fallen log, playground, park, climbing, balancing, natural play

Made from oak or chestnut these play features are supplied with or without bark and will last many years.

We’ve been building up a large stock of logs for these features and have some huge sections of wind fallen oak for play trees, if you have a specific requirement please get in touch and we’ll do our best to help.

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Snake Head Tunnel

A few photos of the huge snake head tunnel that will form the main feature of the play area at Bhaktivedanta Manor.

Estimated to weigh nearly five tonnes it takes some lifting. This will be the first of nine log tunnels that will form the upper end of the snake, the tunnels will then have slides, ladders, fireman’s poles and lots more play equipment built over the top.

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