Let's talk about natural play

What is Natural Play?

At Copper Beech Play, we believe that it’s not just plants who grow and flourish in the fresh air. Natural Play uses the landscape to provide a world in which our children can explore, experiment and develop.

When it comes to playing in nature, there are no limits to the adventures children will embark upon. They will scale the world’s tallest mountain or sail across the world’s most treacherous seas, and all during their twenty-minute break time!

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What are the benefits of Natural Play?

As well as being a great source of fun and enjoyment, playing in outdoor environments has a positive impact on mental health, cognitive development, behavior and socialisation in children. Our clients are often surprised by the impact of our play equipment on the confidence and general wellbeing of their little ones. That is why we have a wealth of testimonials from the children, architects, councilor’s and parents that we have worked with reinforcing this belief.

Ultimately though, you don’t need us to tell you that natural play is beneficial for children. It takes just a little bit of reflection to recognise that some of your best childhood memories most likely involve natural play. Do you remember making mud pies and magic potions? Do you remember climbing trees and crawling through the long grass? Do you remember balancing on logs and pretending the floor was lava? If so, you have already experienced the joy that natural play brings.

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Limitless, Inclusive, Natural Play

Here is a selection of equipment to explore.

Girl Climbing

Tangle Frames

Unique natural play frames designed specifically for your needs. Our frames provide a space for children to climb, clamber, crawl and create new worlds.
Wooden Tunnel

Native, British Hardwood

Burrow through our tree tunnels, hide behind our play trees, balance on our play logs and when you’re done maybe the kids can have a go!
Wooden Structure

Den Building

We build bespoke playhouses and provide simple den building kits that serve as sanctuaries for the imagination. Watch as your den becomes a fairy tale cottage or a towering castle. They are also a great place to hide from goblins and giants… don’t ask us how we know that.
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Mud Kitchens

Nothing brightens up the day like sensory play. We design and build child sized hand pumps and automatic electric pumps for a safe and fun filled water play area. We also sell pre-built items in our shop.


There is risk involved in everything we do. Going on a bear hunt, riding dragon back and climbing castle walls can be risky work, but the benefits are immeasurable. Engaging in some level of risk as a child can help to build confidence and a better understanding of physical abilities and limitations.

We are RoSPA trained so you can be sure that your natural play areas will strike the perfect balance between safe and fun.

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