Mud Kitchen Worktops

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Our wonderful range of modular mud kitchen worktops will enable the creation of beautiful long lasting play features for use inside and out.

Made from oiled locally sourced FSC hardwood, milled at our yard in Herefordshire, these worktops look great and will stand the test of time.

Our mud kitchen worktops are designed to be used with our Modular kitchen Trestles or Kitchen Crates and will create a sturdy and fun play space for private homes and gardens, reception, nursery and early years play areas.

We have four work top options

  1. Simple wide ash worktop plank / Length 120cm x width 50cm x Height 8cm with blocks / 12kg / Ideal for a nature table, countertop, mixing area.
  2. Ash plank with sink and hob / Length 120cm x width 40cm x Height 8cm with blocks / 11kg / Ideal for cooking up wonderfully muddy creations!
  3. Ash plank with double stainless steel sink / Length 120cm x width 40cm x Height 8cm with blocks / 12kg / Slippy mud and wet sleeves = great fun!
  4. Traditional four plank worktop with double stainless steel sinks / Length 120cm x width 45cm x Height 8cm with blocks / 14kg / Cottage style muddy creations!

Prices listed do not include trestles and crates, please see the separate listing for trestles and crates our Modular Kitchen Sets

Our wooden products will move, bend and develop small cracks, this is a natural process and we feel adds the character that makes our products stand apart.

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