Chestnut Wooden Planks

From £14.40

Our Chestnut Wooden Planks are a great addition to any garden, nursery or outdoor setting. Sanded to provide a soft tactile feel.

They are strong and durable making them ideal for a range of natural play and building uses.

Fantastic to go with our den building structures, or benches and logs. Light enough for KS1 and KS2 children manoeuvre and create their own games. An excellent natural resource, for balancing or making low bridges.

Width measurements may vary between 150mm – 250mm.

Please not automatic shipping costs are limited to the following number of planks

1.2m up to five planks / 1.8m up to three planks / 2.4m up to two planks. If you would like more of any size please place an order for the number required and we will get in touch with details of the additional shipping costs, alternatively please get in touch for a quote based on the number of planks required. Thank you for your understanding.

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