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Bhaktivedanta Manor Drone Photo

The play project at Bhaktivedanta Manor is well under way. I have just been sent this drone photo by one of the team laying the rubber surfacing around the snake designed playground. It’s great to see the curve of the snake and true scale of this huge play area.

An absolute dream project to work on!

Bhaktivedanta Manor Temple, playground, play area, natural play, climbing frame, drone photo
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Tree Bench

A small feature tree bench hand crafted and installed last year in a clients orchard.

Made from a large slice from one of our oak tunnel logs the bench worked really well in a favourite spot for sitting and relaxing when not playing in the new play area. All this is missing now is a hot cup of tea!

If you are interested in a bench or play piece for your garden then please do get in touch or visit our online shop. All benches and play equipment are hand made to your individual play needs.

Oak tree bench, play, log, tree, feature, playground, natural play.
School, park, play tree, play log, Tree bench, natural play
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Fairfields School, Northampton

At Copper Beech Play we have been busy designing, crafting and installing a large adventure playground at Fairfields School in Northampton. With multiple zones including a mud kitchen, natural play area, slide and beautifully craved wild animals it’s been an absolute joy bringing life to this natural play area.

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Private Garden

A few more photos of the natural play area in a private garden in Stratford on Avon.

The tree house was great fun to make with a huge hollow log for the base, the connecting bridge and rope bridge that lead to the tree platform create a link to the slide and zip wire.

To keep a really natural feel we edged the whole area with chestnut logs and laid wood chip for the safety surface, the play area looks great among the trees and shrubs.

Natural play, private garden, tree house, platform, log, tree, slide, swing, playground
Natural play, log, tree, playground, garden, park, swing, stepping logs, balance beam, slide
Tree platform, play house, bridge, slide, natural, play, playground, park, equipment, supplies
Tree platform, bridge, play area, playground, log steps, natural play, copper beech,
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Stratford Playground

Several images of a playground we built in Stratford on Avon. Complete with hollow tree trunk with internal staircase, tree house and bridge, a separate tree platform and slide, zip wire, swing and stepping logs. This certainly ticks all the boxes for a truly awesome play area.

tree house, natural play, park, playground, garden, log, stump,

The surface is laid with 300mm of wood chip with a large sandpit to one side, all of which is retained by some chunky chestnut logs cut to join neatly and make a smooth edge.

Stratford play area Natural play, playground, timber, play, log, tree, tree trunk, stepping, balance, balancing, equipment, supplies
Natural play, hollow tree, tree trunk, tunnel, playground, park, garden, tree, log, play, supplies
Tree house, play house, playground, park, garden, slides, natural play, early years
Natural play, playhouse, park, school, play area, play, tree, log, trunk, tunnel, den

The main feature of the playground is the tree house made on top of a huge hollow oak log. The tiny spiral staircase was certainly a bit tricky to make but well worth it.

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Play Trees

As well as the play trees shown in the previous blog we have been building a stock of peeled and sanded logs and play trees. These look great and provide a smooth tactile climbing feature that is quick and simple to install. These will generally be made from oak or chestnut so will be very durable and last many years.

We have a stock of play trees available ranging in size from approximately 3m to 6m in length.

To find out more about play tree stock availability and delivery times please contact us.

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Natural Play Trees

We have recently installed this large play area using five of our natural play trees and several large oak logs.

The trees create a great play feature and are really quick to install, this took just two days onsite.

We have been working hard to build up a good stock of play trees and log features. If you have specific requirements please get in touch and we will be pleased to send photos of current stock.

natural play, tree, log, feature, playground
natural play, trees, logs, features, playgrounds, parks
natural play, trees, logs, features, equipment, playgrounds, parks
natural play trees, playground, Norfolk, play logs, equipment, supplies, adventure

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Log Kitchen

We have been asked to make several of these mud kitchens for nursery schools and play groups. Made from large oak logs they will be very long lasting and provide a really natural looking feature.

The smaller kitchens will have a sink and ‘hob’ while the larger ones will also have an open oven.

Log kitchen, natural play, play ground, nursery, school, park, equipment, supplies
mud kitchen, natural play, playground, school, play, equipment, supplies, park
mud kitchen, nursery, playground, school, forest school, equipment, supplies
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Play Logs

Lots of orders coming in, and going out, for play logs and feature trees at the moment.

play log, fallen log, play tree, play feature, playground, natural play
Play log, log feature, play tree, fallen log, playground, park, climbing, balancing, natural play

Made from oak or chestnut these play features are supplied with or without bark and will last many years.

We’ve been building up a large stock of logs for these features and have some huge sections of wind fallen oak for play trees, if you have a specific requirement please get in touch and we’ll do our best to help.

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Snake Head Tunnel

A few photos of the huge snake head tunnel that will form the main feature of the play area at Bhaktivedanta Manor.

Estimated to weigh nearly five tonnes it takes some lifting. This will be the first of nine log tunnels that will form the upper end of the snake, the tunnels will then have slides, ladders, fireman’s poles and lots more play equipment built over the top.

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Bhaktivedanta Temple

We are really pleased to be making a great play area for the Bhaktivedanta Temple in London. The main feature of the play area will be a 24m long snake made of nine log tunnels and eight large play logs!

Although installation isn’t until May it’s great to see the first log tunnel arrive on site.

natural play, suppies, equipment, adventure, climbing, playground, tunnel

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Northampton Den Frames

This week I visited a den frame project we installed last year in Northampton.

A small ‘Y’ frame sits away from a set of five frames placed together to form a large play area. Each of the frames can be joind together with canvas tarpaulins, planks and sticks.

These frames were supplied with rustic poles, planks, canvas sheets, ropes and pegs to enable children to create all manner of dens and hideouts.

You can purchase den building kits directly from our online shop or contact us for a more bespoke package.

Northampton den building, natural, play, playground, equipment, supplies, climbing, timber

den building, natural play, playground, supplies, equipment, forest school, park

den building, equipment, frame, area, supplies, forest school, equipment.

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Play Tree and Tunnels

We have been able to buy this huge wind blown oak from a farm in Herefordshire to turn into a play tree and tunnels. The main trunk has been cut into sections for use as tunnels and log features, these are already on their way to a large job in London.

The top section of the tree will also make a great feature tree for a natural play area, playground or park.

play tree and tunnels, natural play, playground, park, equipment, adventure, school

Natural, play, playground, park, equipment, supplies, adventure, timber, climbing

play, log, tree, climbing, park, playground, play area, timber, adventure, equipment, supplies, landscape architect,

play tree, log, feature, playground, tunnel, park, school, nursery, equipment, supplies, timber, adventure

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Frame Detail

We are currently working on a brochure and while trawling photo archives I came across these pictures of the frame detail on one of my favourite projects to date.

Built at High March Primary School the frame included lots of fine details such as the carvings and curved handrails.

Frame detail, natural play, supplies, adventure, playground, garden, timber climbing frame

climbing frame, timber, play, natural, adventure, bespoke, playground, garden, park

crows nest, climbing frame, school, park, garden, adveture, play, natural, supplies, equipment

natural play, playground, adventure, equipment, supplies, bespoke, timber, natural, play.

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Last year we were commissioned to make a playhouse for a prestigious project abroad, all of the equipment needed to be shipped oversea in creates so we had to make the everything as ‘flat pack’ self assemble unit.

The customer provided the design and specification and I think the results were great.

Although for environmental reasons this isn’t something we really want to get into it is great thinking some of our work is being enjoyed half way around the world!

playhouse, platform, treehouse, natural play, playground, garden, adventure, equipment

playhouse, natural play, adventure, playground, equipment, supplies.

Playhouse, treehouse, platform, natural play, garden, playground, equipment, timber, adventure, supplies.

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Balance Beam Set

We have just uploaded a lovely balance beam set onto the shop.

These simple balance beam sets can be supplied to be fixed to create a permanent play feature or left as movable beams and logs.

Each beam is approximately 1.2m long, we can provide multiple sets to create a wonderful snaking balance feature.

Made from chestnut or oak that has been sanded and oiled these will provide a long lasting feature for your playground, park or garden.

Adventure, play, balance, beam set, school, playground, park

Balance beam set, school, playground, natural play, supplies, adventure

log bal 3

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Primary School Play Area

We recently finished this new primary school play area in Milton Keynes, the frame is based on a design installed in Oxford a few years ago and has proven to be a great success with children of all ages.

Based around two platforms with play features radiating out, the children (and adults) can work their way around the frame without touching the ground.  There are various balance ropes and beams several log tangles and a scramble net to challenge all abilities.

The whole area has been excavated and edged with timber to allow for wood chip safety surfacing, this provides a really nice natural look that the school asked for.

With the two platforms being only one meter high, this frame could be installed into grass using rubber grass mats for a safety surface. Although I prefer the look of wood chip surfacing, grass mats are far more economical and look fine once the grass grows through.

new school play area, adventure play, natural play, climbing frame, equipment, supplier

natural play, play equipment, supplies, equipment, school, forest school, playground

natural playground, play equipment, wooden, timber, supplier, equipment, school

adventure play, playground, natural, equipment, play, timber, wooden

adventure play, playground, natural play, equipment, supplies, wooden, timber

play area, playground, wooden, timber, climbing, frame, play, natural, adventure, equipment, supplier, school

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New Den Building Frames

We built a lot of den building areas last year, from large multiple frame areas to simple den building frames.

I’ve attached a few photos below of the simple ‘Y’ frames that are very popular with all ages, the frames are usually supplied as part of a kit with lots of hazel sticks, planks and some times canvas and camouflage sheets.

We can supply these in kit form or will be happy to install throughout the UK.

new den building frames, dens, natural play, supplies, equipment, playgrounds, forest schools

den building, natural play, supplies, forest school

natural play, den, equipment, forest school, shop, supplies

den building, playground, natural play, climbing, supplies

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New Natural Play Products

We have been busy loading lots of new natural play products to the shop, please follow this link to find great resources for your natural play areas, forest schools and playgrounds.

We still have lots more to load so please keep an eye out for new products and features over the coming weeks.

A few examples below.

new natural play products, loose stepping logs, forest school, natural play, supplies, playground

Fixed stepping logs

log seat set, natural play, forest school, story telling, playground

Peeled, sanded and oiled logs seats

Stepping Logs

Low free standing disc stepping logs

log seats, logs, play, balance, playground, natural play, supplies

Small rustic log seats

Free Standing Balance Beam

A range of balance logs

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Play Tree

We have just delivered this great play tree to a site in London for a new play area. Cut from a huge wind blown chestnut tree the play feature has lots of hand holds, limbs to climb over and some really nice exposed wood.

Our play trees are sanded to remove rough edges of bark and wood and all cut surfaces are sanded smooth.

This tree measures approximately L 4.5m x W 2m x H 1m, we can supply them to your specification or will be happy to send photos and measurements of the trees we have in stock.

play tree, feature, log, park, playground, play area

Play Tree, natural play, playground, equipment, park

playground, climbing, feature, log, natural play

natural play, feature, log, playground, play area, park

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Playground Mound!

We recently finished a project at an amazing nursery school in Huddersfield. Portland House Nurseries provide a really lovely environment for the children, they asked us to revamp the gardens and play equipment to create a natural feeling with lots for the children to explore.

Part of the project was to create a mound with sensory path, log steps and tunnel, see photos below.

playground mound, tunnel, equipment, school, nursery, natural play

Nursery, school, play area, playground, garden

Natural Play, equipment, park, school, council

log steps, playground, natural play, equipment

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New Log Tunnel

We started the year with an epic log tunnel, this oak stump was huge even after we had tidied up the limbs and cut a flat base.

The tunnel has been delivered to its new home at a school in Bristol, now part of a pair.

new log tunnel, natural play, play tree, playground

playground, tunnel, equipment, park school

play tree, log tunnel, natural play, playground

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Early Years Shelter

We recently finished a project in Huddersfield, part of which was the construction of this early years shelter in one of the gardens.

The shelter is built using chestnut poles with a cedar timber roof, the turf is laid on a water proof rubber liner so children can enjoy the shelter in all weathers.

early years shelter, natural play, playgrounds, parks

natural play, equipment, forest school, playground

shelter, den, forest school, playground

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