Benefits of Natural Play

Imagination, self-confidence and creativity: it’s not just plants that flourish in the fresh air!

Given the opportunity to play, make discoveries and experiment with natural materials in a safe and sensory outdoor environment, our children’s independence grows and their imagination blossoms. Copper Beech Play offer natural play equipment and playgrounds that excel in supporting child development.

What is Natural Play?

Playing freely in a natural or semi-natural environment is ‘Natural Play’. As natural play has no prescribed minimum and maximum dimensions for elements, children engage a greater range of muscles when playing, stretching both their bodies and imaginations. 

What are the benefits of Natural Play?

The benefits of a well thought out school ground or community space extend beyond physical health; simply spending time outdoors everyday can promote positive mental health when they provide access to plants, wildlife and the changing seasons.

Natural play can take place anywhere but where a natural environment is limited or absent our designs and natural playgrounds mimic the natural environment, offering a non-prescriptive and imaginative play resource.

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