Our Story

Copper Beech Play is a family company based in Herefordshire, founded by Jim and Helen Morris-Ridout.

We remember playing outside; climbing trees, mud rivers, ‘the ditch’, bird food pies, flower potions. Our paths have journeyed through landscape design, 7 years teaching children, community gardening, horticultural therapy, building a family and a home. For the past 15 years, we’ve gone back to working at playing outside. 

We understand that all children ought to play outside every day, what ever the weather. They need to play freely and have adventures, whilst inspiring their innate love for nature. Our beautiful designs and equipment enable children to experience their landscape and play safely whilst also exercising their imaginations. 

We have a wealth of testimonials from children, architects, teachers, councillors and more. Copper Beech have been awarded the national Schumacher Award for small scale sustainable development and also the Permaculture Community Award. Copper Beech Play is Rospa accredited and we are currently on the last lap of the Learning Through Landscapes professional accreditation. If you require more information about us please get in touch, we’d love to hear from you.

At Copper Beech Play we believe that all children deserve a great quality of life and this can be enhanced by great quality design and beautiful play equipment. Copper Beech Play products have a high play value, are safe, long lasting, easily maintainable and have a positive environmental product lifecycle. 

Above all we’ve a heartfelt wish for all children to play outside and experience wellbeing in nature. For more information about us, our natural play equipment or installation please do get in touch. 

Jim & Helen 

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