Play Features

During the lockdown period we have been busy in the yard preparing equipment for various jobs and also working on some great play features for natural play areas.

We supply play logs and play trees for natural play areas throughout the UK, usually supplied from oak, ash or chestnut they range in size from large to huge!

The play trees will usually have at least three branched sections and tend to be between four to seven meters in length, the photos below show a range of these features, some ready to be tidied up and sanded, others ready for delivery.

We ensure all our play trees and play logs come from well managed local forests, the majority of our large oak features are from wind blown trees.

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Play area, play log, play tree, Natural Play Tree
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play trees , play feature, log, park, playground, play area

Play tree, log, oak, playground, climbing, school, park, supplies, shop
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