Bhaktivedanta Play Area

A few more photos of the play area at Bhaktivedanta Manor Temple in Watford.

One of our larger projects this playground covers approximately 450 square meters and incorporates nine log tunnels and eight play logs to create a forty meter long ‘Agha snake’! Complete with slides, scramble nets, bridges, rope walks and fireman’s poles.

The play area also incorporates a seesaw, wheel chair accessible roundabout and birds nest swing built to the form of a crane bird, the whole area has wet-pour rubber safer surfacing.

Bhaktivedanta Manor play area, natural play, playground, climbing frame, slide, swing, seesaw.
Agha snake, playground, Krishna, temple, natural play
Temple playground, play area, natural play, climbing frame, play feature.
Climbing frame, natural play, playground, monkey bars
Climbing frame, play frame, play feature, natural play, playground.
Bird nest swing, swing, natural play, playground, London.

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