Stratford Playground

Several images of a playground we built in Stratford on Avon. Complete with hollow tree trunk with internal staircase, tree house and bridge, a separate tree platform and slide, zip wire, swing and stepping logs. This certainly ticks all the boxes for a truly awesome play area.

tree house, natural play, park, playground, garden, log, stump,

The surface is laid with 300mm of wood chip with a large sandpit to one side, all of which is retained by some chunky chestnut logs cut to join neatly and make a smooth edge.

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Natural play, hollow tree, tree trunk, tunnel, playground, park, garden, tree, log, play, supplies
Tree house, play house, playground, park, garden, slides, natural play, early years
Natural play, playhouse, park, school, play area, play, tree, log, trunk, tunnel, den

The main feature of the playground is the tree house made on top of a huge hollow oak log. The tiny spiral staircase was certainly a bit tricky to make but well worth it.

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