Morley Primary School Trim Trail

We have recently completed the Morley Primary School trim trail. The area includes horizontal scramble net, balance ropes, traverse ropes, horizontal log ladder and a small log tangle.

We have a selection of trim trail items to choose from and are very happy to design a layout and create bespoke items, often our clients will have seen something they want recreated.

This trim trail equipment is made from pealed, sanded and oiled chestnut and will far outlast any softwood equipment.

trim trail, natural play, playground

Morley Primary School trim trail, natural play

log ladder, trim trail, natural play, playground

balance ropes, trim trail, natural play, playground

Horizontal scramble net, natural play, play equipment

Trim Trail Scramble Net, Natural Play Equipment

log tangle, trim trail, primary school, playground

trim trail, log tangle, play area, timber play

trim trail, scramble net, natural play





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