Den Building Tipi

We recently installed this den building tipi within a larger den building area. There are several small goal post frames for the children to balance poles and planks to form all manner of dens and constructions.

The tipi has been supplied with 100 oak pegs and loads of planks so the children can build walls around the sides as they wish. Combining the tipi with constructions off the smaller frames the children can create some great dens.

The area also includes a safe storage area for all the planks, poles and pegs as well as two large canvas sheets for use in wet weather. Ill get some more photos of the area in use when I next go down to Sussex.

The last of these photos is of the tipi under construction in our yard, like this it would make a great climbing frame!

natural play, den building, equipment, playground

den building, Fishbourne, Chichester, playground

den building, natural play, playground, equipment

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