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Tree Platform

We were recently asked to make a tree platform to be sent out in kit form, Ive not seen the final installation yet but here are a few photos of the platform in the yard and ready for dispatch.

Tree platform, natural play, equipment

natural play, equipment, playgrounds

Tree platform, natural play, playground

Natural play, schools, playground


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Snow Stops Play

We had a good amount of snow at the weekend in south Herefordshire, brilliant fun with the kids sledging and making igloos!

The yard was under 8″ of snow so couldn’t get to the poles I had intended to peal, building igloos seemed to be a good alternative.

I’d booked on to a chainsaw course in north Wales for Monday morning, I needed to get a new certificate so pretty important I got there, it was actually an OK drive and well worth it for the scenery alone!

I’d thoroughly recommend Phil’s courses¬† Great guy and great place to spend a few days.

A few photos of the views in north Wales, you can just about see Snowdon in the distance between the trees in the first photo.

Natural play, Phil Dunford, chainsaw

Natural play, chainsaw, Phil Dunford


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Oxford Climbing Frame

A few more photos of the project at St Barnabas Primary School in Oxford. The old play area had seen its day and wasn’t really using the space very well, given a budget and a wish list we designed this new climbing frame to utilize the space and provide an exciting new play area for the younger children.

Using the two platforms to create some height the other features enable children to scramble, balance and climb around the edge of the frame and up onto the platforms.

Made from pealed and sanded chestnut the frame is then oiled with a plant based oil to create a very durable structure, the rope work is all 16mm steel core rope that will last many years.

climbing frame, natural play, timber play, equipment, playground

Natural Play area, climbing frame, play equipment

Play equipment, natural play, playground

climbing frame, natural play area

Oxford, timber play, climbing frame

Primary school play frame

Natural play, playground, timber play area

Natural play, climbing frame, playground

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