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Natural Play Bench Set

We were asked to make a set of simple benches for a natural play area, these benches are made from either ash, oak or chestnut, depending on stock, and are very robust.

The simple nature of the benches makes them ideal for all sorts of natural play activities and a great addition to the outdoor learning environment.

Please visit the online shop for details of this bench set, if you are looking for something that isn’t listed in the shop please email us with your requirements, we will do our best to help.


Natural play bench set, School benches, school grounds

Natural play bench set, school, playground

small bench group

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Oak stump

Further to my previous post, I’ve posted below a few before and after pictures of the oak stump used in the High March playground, you can see it was partially hollow when we found it.

This was due to be cut up for fire wood so I was really pleased we got there first!

The last three before and after photos are of the huge oak board we used for the front of the playhouse, this was one of the most satisfying features we have ever made, really great fun.

Log Tunnel, playground, natural play

Oak stump, oak tunnel, playground

Oak log, natural play, tunnel

Oak log, natural play, tunnel

play house, natural play, playground

Play House, Natural Play, Primary School

Play house oak plank


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High March Photos

Below are a few more photos of at last years project at High March Primary school. The climbing frame features a two story play house with the front being made from one huge slab of oak, see previous post, the frame also incorporates a ‘crows nest platform’ with ladders and scramble net.

Around the back of the main climbing frame we installed a huge oak log tunnel, this weighed near two tons and was cut from a partially hollow oak stump we found by chance on a local estate.

You will notice several chainsaw carvings throughout the climbing frame and within the paved area, these bits were commissioned to a local artist and add some real magic to the space, the totem is to celebrate the schools 90th year.


Natural Play, playground, carving

Natural Play, playground, High March, primary school

Natural play, climbing frame

Play House, Natural Play, Primary School

Climbing from, playhouse

Climbing, natural play, primary school

Play tunnel, natural, High March primary school

Play tunnel, natural play, schools


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