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Den Building in Cardiff

We recently installed these three den building frames for a primary school in Cardiff. The frames are made from chestnut and oiled to provide a very durable timber feature.

The school have also as asked us to supply some den building bits from the shop Click here

We can supply these frames in kit form of can install them for you, generally installation, within soil, will only take a day.

Den Building, Cardiff, Primary School

Den Building, primary school, playground

Den Building, playground, primary school

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Climbing Frame in Hurstbourne

We have recently finished this climbing frame in Hurstbourne and Tarrent in Hampshire. We had a great time building this in two sections in the yard, it went back together fantastically and makes a pretty huge play feature.

The frame incorporates a large play house for the younger children. Several big scramble nets, a stainless steel slide, monkey bars and a fireman’s pole should keep them busy!

The top two photos were taken moments after the safety fence was removed and the children rushed in for the first time!

Playing field, climbing frame, natural play

Climbing frame, natural play

climbing frame, scramble nets, natural play

Firemans pole, playhouse, cimbing frame

Playhouse, slide, climbing frame

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