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Oak Logs!

Carrying on with the theme of huge bits of oak I’m delighted to have found these massive oak logs on a Herefordshire estate. We need one to make into a tunnel for a natural play area, you can see in the last image this stump is partly hollow already.

I really enjoy the process of designing a play area for my clients and then gathering all the components together to bring the drawings to life. Its impossible to know exactly how the design will turn out when built but that’s part of the fun, although I had my fingers crossed I didn’t think I would actually find a log of this size already half hollow.

Having found these we just need to work out how to move them, each one is estimated to weigh about three tons!

Oak log, natural play, tunnel

Oak logs, natural play, tunnel

Oak log, natural play, tunnel

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Play House Oak Plank

The attached photo is of a huge oak plank we are using to make the front wall of a playhouse. This is to be incorporated in a large natural play area at a school in Hertfordshire.

Play house oak plank

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Playhouse with Turf Roof

I recently revisited this school playground that we built back in 2010. The small natural playhouse with turf roof is still looking great. We supplied lots of planks, logs and chestnut poles for den building and balance games.

Nearly half of this small early years playground is taken up with a large sand pit, the children loved the size and depth of the sandpit, the planks and poles were fully utilised for all sorts of creations as soon as the kids were allowed in.

Natural play den, play house

We are happy to work with our clients designs for natural play areas and equipment or will produce designs from a simple wish list. In this case the school wanted a small den tucked into a small space, it needed to look soft in the area so as not to dominate the remaining play space.

Hazel hurdles are used as a moveable front wall allowing for varied uses and different play experiences.

Natural play, playhouse with turf roof

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