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Small Play Frame

This is one of our small play frames, in this case in a private garden near Chepstow. The platform can become a great den with a sheet draped over the poles and the walkway is easily transformed into a pirates gangplank!

Made from chestnut and cedar with a poly-hemp rope the frame is very durable and can be extended as the children grow.

Please get in touch if you would like to discuss your project, we will be happy to provide a few sketches to give an idea of what we could make for you and your children.

A testimonial sent from this client

“Our grandchildren have had so much fun this summer in the area that Jim has designed and laid out in our garden. He has such amazing insight into how children play, they have discovered so much he put in for them. Having said this, the area is also pleasant for people of all ages to sit and relax, and is attractive within the garden as a whole. The summer house with a “living roof” is another imaginative addition.

We are delighted with the project and outcome, and look forward to Jim adding to the design as the children grow.”

Ceridwen & Tim Coulson, Carreg a Gwydr


Natural play frame Wales

Natural play garden frame

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Outdoor Teaching

While uploading the photos for the previous post I came across these pictures of an outdoor teaching shelter/ classroom we built a few years ago in Herefordshire.

Again using chestnut posts and a cedar frame for the roof but this time employing a rather fancy reciprocal frame design for the main structure. We built two identical buildings either side of this clay lined pond, teaching in the area is strictly supervised but the whole setting creates a fantastic space for green woodwork and other craft lessons, Lucky pupils!


Outdoor teaching

Green woodwork, classroom, teaching

School Shelter


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Forest School Birmingham

A shelter that we built last year for a forest school in Birmingham.

With chestnut poles, a cedar roof frame and cedar shingles on the roof the shelter is very durable and sits naturally in the landscape.

Please see our Outdoor Teaching gallery for more examples of this type of work.

Forest school Birmingham

Forest School Birmingham

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Den building frames

A natural play space and den building frame can be very simple and inexpensive to install. We all know how children will naturally fine ways to play with a few sticks, given a suitable area and a little encouragement children will play for hours making imaginary worlds.

Below are a few examples of simple den making spaces we have installed, even a few nice poles with a branch or tree trunk to lean them against will be great fun, a sheet to drape over the top will make a den even better!

The Forestry Commission have done a lot of work on Natural Play environments, here are some of their ideas

Forest school, Den building frame

Den building frame







Natural play space, carvings, den building frame

Den building kit

Early years, den building area




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Balance Logs

A set of balance logs we recently made for a customer who came to us via the online shop. These formed part of a private garden which included a log seating area and willow dome.

A quote from our client

“I thought you might like to see some photographs of the play equipment in situ?  It is fabulous and really fits in well in that area at the back of the garden.

There are also some photographs on my Facebook page, and please feel free to use or share any of the images.

My clients and I are really happy with the play equipment and I know the kids will get years of enjoyment out of it.

Thanks again and I look forward to doing business with you in the future 🙂

Best Wishes


Jacqueline Breton Garden Design

Balance logs available in our online shopNatural play balance logs

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Water Play

Images of a water play area we recently installed in Nuneaton. The water is circulated using simple hand pumps with the water coming out from the stainless steal spouts.

The surface is laid with natural stone pitching, a drainage channel around the edge provides more play opportunities.


Water Play

Water Play Area

Water Play Trough

Water Play

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