Environment & Ethics

At Copper Beech we use high quality natural and reclaimed materials, sourced locally wherever possible.

 By using these materials we can minimise the impact on the environment whilst creating natural play areas that blend with their natural surroundings and will last generations. We find these products are by far the best quality available and are often less expensive than the alternatives.

We try to source timber from local small scale sustainable sawmills and coppice workers. Where this is not possible we will always buy timber that accords with FSC regulations. Copper Beech do not purchase tropical hard woods.

Fair trade
We make every effort not to buy products that we believe to be encouraging the unfair exploitation of people or the environment.

Carbon emissions
We take every step to try and reduce our energy use and our carbon emissions along with all environmental pollutants. We will recycle any waste wherever possible.


By taking an organic approach to gardening we believe it is possible to create far more satisfactory medium to long-term results. Through our training and experience we have learnt that there is almost always a mechanical or biological solution to replace any synthetic approach.


We do not purchase peat and will try to source plants grown without the use of peat wherever possible.

Cement or lime
When it is appropriate we will suggest the use of lime mortar rather than cement. Lime is a carbon neutral product as, unlike cement, it reabsorbs carbon as it sets.

Act Local
We are proud of the many good contacts we have built up of local trades people and suppliers. When possible we will source materials as local as possible, to limit energy use and help the local economy.